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Save time and money with our easy-to-use weekly trivia pub quiz packages.


Self-Hosted Bar Trivia Packages.



pub quiz questions

America's Best Weekly Trivia Questions


Quiz Head has done the hard work for you. Our comprehensive self-hosted quiz packs are built weekly, so you don't have to. Whether you're a large hotel or a small local bar, Quiz Head has the trivia package for your business.


Use Quiz Head to run professional, current, and individual trivia nights. Grow your spend per customer, create personal relationships and cut the costs of your trivia nights.   


Sign up online for weekly trivia packages for bars and clubs!

Trivia Questions
Trivia Questions
Trivia Questions
Trivia Questions

Increase Spend per Customer

Quiz Head has inbuilt systems to get your customers eating & drinking


Keep Them Coming Back

Our trivia nights are designed to be fun and entertaining so your customers keep coming back week after week.


Save Time

We create and design all the content for you, all you do is click and go. No more wasting wages.


Save Money

Some of our venues are saving over $200 per week on their trivia nights. 


Fresh & Current - Updated Weekly!

All our trivia questions are updated every week with the latest news and current events included in our questions. 

Trivia Questions

"We got started 5 weeks ago, The number of people coming in is increasing - People love it! Thanks for the great and fun questions, Best night of the week at our place"


Patricia - Rochester, NY

pub quiz questions

Australia's Best Trivia supply company.

@ Australia's Best Prices.


Best Trivia Supply Company IN THE USA!

Best Trivia Supply Company IN THE USA!

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  • How many questions are in a pub quiz?
    Each set of pub quiz questions and answers has 50+ trivia questions. That's 6 rounds of pub quiz questions, grouped into themed rounds. In the case of the Quiz Head, we include up-to-date current events and news, as well as a music round and a picture round. There are also Jackpot and Tie Break questions included. Looking to buy quiz questions and answers? Sign up for a one-off set of trivia, or subscribe to our Gold or Platinum packages of weekly trivia.
  • How long should a pub quiz go for?
    With the Quiz Head, you can buy pub quiz questions to last you for two and a half hours of fun. That's plenty of time to get through 6 rounds of pub quiz questions, as well as a break in the middle so your guests can continue to feed and water themselves at the bar. So, what are you waiting for? Get started online with a one-off purchase or one of our weekly subscription packages.
  • How many rounds are normally in a pub quiz?
    A good set of pub quiz questions will have 40-80 questions, grouped into a small subset of 10 themed questions. Using our trivia questions is much easier than making them yourself! It can take hours for pubs, bars and clubs to come up with weekly pub quiz questions and answers that are actually fun - especially if you have to churn them out so often. Looking for the best weekly trivia questions that don't suck? With the Quiz Head, you've got yourself the top pub trivia in the USA!
  • Do you have funny pub quiz questions?
    We sure do. Whether you want a one-off trivia night or a weekly subscription package with the Quiz Head, that's two and a half hours of fun guaranteed. Our pub quiz questions come in 6 rounds, including a song round, a picture round, and much more. Fun and engaging, we make sure your guests will keep spending at the bar - and then come back for more next week. That's what makes us the best pub trivia in the USA. Sign up online to buy your quiz questions today.
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