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Trivia Questions Teaser Week Ending June 19, 2016

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1) What Beatles song begins with the opening fanfare from the French National Anthem? 2) On what number do casino Blackjack dealers stand on? 3) What constellation is represented by a hunter with a club and shield? 4) What is the chemical symbol for Chlorine? 5) Which pope did Francis replace? 6) Who had a longer NBA career - Shaq or Kobe? 7) The highest temperature ever recorded in the United States, a whopping 134 degrees Fahrenheit sent the mercury soaring in what Valley on July 10, 1913? 8) What drink was started first? Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, or Jonnie Walker? 9) Which newspaper has the highest circulation in America? 10) Who was the author of Peter Rabbit? 11) Which mixed martial artist who shot to fame via YouTube video's, lost his life last week at the age of 42? 12) The funeral for Muhammad Ali was held in what town last week?


1) All You Need Is Love 2) 17 3) Orion 4) CI 5) Pope Benedict XVI 6) Kobe 20 yrs (Shaq 19 yrs) 7) Death Valley 8) Jim Beam 9) USA Today (Arlington, Va.) 10) Beatrix Potter 11) Kimbo Slice 12) Louisville, Kentucky

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