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Pub Trivia Package Sample 22nd April 2019

Here is a quick sample of our weekly trivia packages. Only a few questions from round 1 of our weekly packs. For a full package visit our homepage here -


1) Which part of the body is affected by glaucoma? 2) Name the two countries on the Asian continent that begin with the letter J. 3) "You took your coat off and stood in the rain, You're always crazy like that. " are the opening lyrics to which song by who? 4) In a Kenny Rodgers hit song, What was the name of the girl he pleaded "_______ don't take your love to town"? 5) On the U.S version of the monopoly board, name the 4 Railroad stations? (one point each) 6) Burning Man festival is a very popular event in the US. In which state is it held? 7) Which organ in the human body produces insulin? 8) What is a group of Meerkats called what - A pack, A Mob, A School, A Streak 9) Jamie Bell plays the title role in the story of which working-class ballet dancer? 10) Which word can be a container or can mean to fight? 11) Graphite and diamond are both forms of which element? 12) At which famous golf course did Tiger Woods recently make one of the greatest comebacks in sporting history winning the 2019 Masters?


1) Eye 2) Japan, Jordan 3) Jewel - Foolish Games 4) Ruby 5) Reading, Pennsylvania, B. & O. & Short Line 6) Nevada

7) Pancreas 8) A Mob 9) Billy Elliot 10) Box 11) Carbon 12) Augusta National Golf Club, Georgia

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