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12 FREE Quiz Questions 11th November 2019

1) What world famous attraction is located near the city of Agra?

2) What was Emma Bunton's nickname when she was in the Spice Girls?

3) In which continent is the country of Moldova?

4) What language would Jesus Christ have spoken - Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew or Yiddish?

5) Which of these countries is not a member of the British Commonwealth - The Philippines, Ghana, Malaysia or New Zealand?

6) In 1963, Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with an early-onset slow progressing form of what disease?

7) In the medical world, what do the letters HIV stand for?

8) In 2018, who became Japan's first tennis singles grand slam winner? (optional hint - female)

9) Which word can go before draw, gear or hat?

10) What did Chuck Berry tell Beethoven to do?

11) If a livestock animal has been polled, it has lost its what?

12) The geographic region which includes Micronesia, Melanesia, Polynesia and Australasia is known as what?

1) Taj Mahal 2) Baby Spice 3) Europe 4) Aramaic 5) The Philippines 6) Motor neurone disease (also known as "ALS" or Lou Gehrig's disease) 7) Human immunodeficiency virus 8) Naomi Osaka 9) Top 10) Roll Over 11) Horns 12) Oceania

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