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Free True Or False Quiz Round 18th November 2019

First, ask the Audience to stand. You then read the questions one by one and ask them to pick Heads (True) or Tails (False) by placing their hands on their head or their bum. The last one standing wins the round and whatever prize you decide to give out. (Remember to keep the prize simple, this round is just for a bit of fun and to keep people entertained.)

1) Per capita, the people of Canada consume the most doughnuts every year. (True)

2) Dubai's Burj Khalifa took a collective 22 million man-hours during the six years it took to complete the building. (True)

3) Sir Francis Drake's was shot and killed on a voyage to the Caribbean to raid Spanish possessions. (False, he dies of Dysentery)

4) McDonald’s once made bubblegum-flavoured broccoli. (True)

5) There are only 3 letters that do not appear in any U.S. state name. (False, only one letter does not appear, the letter Q)

6) The smallest nation in the continental mainland of Africa is Gambia. (True)

7) A cow-bison hybrid is called a “Bisattle”. (False)

8) Armadillo shells are bulletproof. (False, however they have been known to deflect bullet's not shot directly at them)

9) The original oranges from Southeast Asia were actually green. (True, A tangerine-pomelo hybrid)

10) Cats have fewer toes on their front paws. (false, but they do have fewer on their back paws.)

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