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Free Trivia Questions 24th February 2020

Here is a sample of our weekly trivia packs we send to pubs and clubs all over the USA. To download a free sample pack please visit our homepage here -


1) Which country shares land borders with China, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan,

Bangladesh & Myannamar?

2) What worldwide phenomenon started in the summer of 2014 to raise money

for ALS, or Motor Neurone Disease?

3) Which famous musician narrated the first few series of "Thomas The Tank

Engine" when it first came onto TV in the 1980's? (Optional hint - He was a


4) According to MJ, who was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene?

5) Which name links the following people: Rogers, Meggs and Spice?

6) In 1773, in which city was the 'Tea Party' held in protest of British taxation?

7) Which "Friends" actor starred with Steve Coogan in the 2005 film "Happy


8) A Double helix is the description of the what bodily structure?

9) What kind of fruit is a muscat?

10) Which US state is nicknamed the "Hawkeye State"?

11) In the United States, what date is Remembrance Day held?

12) What was the first name of the Italian musical composer Vivaldi?


1) India

2) Ice Bucket Challenge

3) Ringo Starr

4) Billie Jean

5) Ginger

6) Boston

7) Lisa Kudrow

8) DNA molecule

9) Grape

10) Iowa State

11) November 11th

12) Antonio

free trivia questions

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