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12 Exciting FREE quiz questions! 19th August 2019

1) Roti is a round flatbread native to which country?

2) Which word can mean 'courage', 'coarse dirt' or to 'clench'?

3) Whose 2008 album was entitled "I Am… Sasha Fierce"?

4) Lithuania is a country in which continent?

5) What is the middle part of an atom called?

6) Which state has the largest total land area – Florida or New York?

7) Fusilli is a variety of pasta that are formed into what shape?

8) Which war or conflict has the unfortunate record of having the highest death toll?

9) An urban myth states that what food item, if swallowed, will stay within your stomach for seven years

10) According to legend, what was the Pied Piper asked to drive out of Hamelin?

11) Which Spice Girl did not join the group for their reunion tour?

12) Zach Galifianakis hosts an online series based round interviews and insults with celebrity guests, called what?

1)India 2)Grit 3)Beyoncé 4)Europe 5)Nucleus 6)Florida 7) Spiral / Corkscrew 8) WWII 9) Chewing Gum 10) Rats 11) Posh Spice 12) Between Two Ferns

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