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USA Trivia Package 18th January 2021

We write, create and send our trivia to bars all over the USA. Don't spend hours creating your next trivia package. We have done all the hard work and will send it for just $19.95.

Check out a full sample here -

Below is a small snippet from a recent week.


1) Where is the world’s most active volcano located: Greece, Hawaii, Indonesia or New Zealand?

2) What is the surname of television personality Dr Phil?

3) What nationality was inventor Alfred Nobel?

4) How many items are there in a score?

5) Copenhagen is the capital city of which country?

6) Wayne Knight played which character in the TV series Seinfeld?

7) Which has the larger surface area, the Pacific Ocean or all the land on earth?

8) What is mixed with Kahlua or Tia Maria to make a Black Russian?

9) What hand in poker has five sequential cards of the same suit?

10) Who was the U.S President during the Cuban Missile Crisis?

11) What is the name of Meghan and Prince Harry's son who was born on May 6, 2019?

12) Name all four US States that end with the letter N? (one point each)


1) Hawaii (Kilauea)

2) McGraw

3) Swedish

4) 20

5) Denmark

6) Newman

7) the Pacific Ocean

8) Vodka

9) Straight flush

10) John F. Kennedy

11) Archie

12) Michigan, Washington, Oregon and Wisconsin


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