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Weekly Pub Quiz 21st December 2020

Small sample of our weekly pub trivia questions..


1) What is the name of the cruel headmistress of Crunchem Hall Primary School in

the classic Roald Dahl novel Matilda? (Bonus point if you know her first name)

2) In China, the powerful families who ruled the kingdom were known as what?

3) Ascorbic acid is commonly referred to as what?

4) Which company released the 'Walkman' in 1979?

5) In which city was The Doors lead singer Jim Morrison buried?

6) What is the only weight in the International Radio Alphabet?

7) Lasagna + Odie + Jon Arbuckle = which comic strip?

8) What is Chandler’s last name in the sitcom Friends?

9) What is the painting ‘La Gioconda’ more usually known as?

10) What is the capital city of Spain?

11) Who played the vampire hunter Blade in the Blade trilogy of films released

between 1998 and 2004?

12) According to The Animals, in which city would you find the house of the rising



1) Miss Trunchbull (Agatha)

2) Dynasties

3) Vitamin C

4) Sony

5) Paris

6) Kilo

7) Garfield

8) Bing

9) Mona Lisa

10) Madrid

11) Wesley Snipes

12) New Orleans

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