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Weekly Pub Quiz 14th December 2020

See below a sample of our weekly pub trivia questions. We make a brand new FULL trivia pack every week for pubs and bars all over the USA. CHECK OUT A FULL PACK HERE - WWW.THEQUIZHEAD.COM


1) Which Williams sister has won more Grand Slam titles?

2) What planet is known as the red planet?

3) Nicole Polizzi is better known by what nickname? (optional hint - Jersey Shore)

4) What type of scientist studies microscopic plants and animals?

5) What toy company launched the Barbie doll in 1959?

6) Which Osborne had a hit cover with the song 'Papa Don't Preach' in 2002?

7) What does LPG stand for?

8) What islands are home to most of the world's marine birds called 'blue-footed boobies'? (Optional hint - made famous by Charles Darwin)

9) What is the name of the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' space exploration company?

10) The fire signs of the Zodiac are Aries, Leo, and what other sign?

11) What actor played the role of Andy Dufresne in the hit movie The Shawshank Redemption?

12) What is the name of the trailblazing country singer, famous for his song "Kiss An Angel Good Morning.” who recently passed away?


1) Serena

2) Mars

3) Snooki

4) Microbiologist

5) Mattel Inc

6) Kelly Osbourne

7) Liquefied petroleum gas

8) Galapagos Islands

9) Blue Origin

10) Sagittarius

11) Tim Robbins

12) Charlie Pride

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