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Weekly Trivia Quiz 28th December 2020

This weeks free selection of trivia questions... just a taste of our HUGE weekly trivia package we produce every week for bars all over the USA.



1) Professional tennis player, Rafael Nadal, is of what nationality?

2) James Dean, Marilyn Munroe, River Phoenix & Heath Ledger all died young, but who lived the longest?

3) What is the most abundant metal in Earth's core?

4) Bowling for Columbine is a 2002 documentary film written, produced, directed, and narrated by who?

5) The Ishihara test is used to measure how individuals might be what?

6) What does the abbreviation IMHO mean?

7) How long in feet is a competition snooker table? (9f, 10f, 12f or 15f, multiple-choice if no snooker fans in the room)

8) Piranhas are native to which continent?

9) AMS is the airport code for which major international airport that handled over 65 million passengers in 2019? (Hint - when you land you get 'high')

10) Who played Jim Morrison in the 1991 movie about The Doors?

11) The Złoty is the official currency of which European country?

12) What is the only element on the periodic table that starts with the letter K?


1) Spanish

2) Marilyn Munroe (36 yrs old)

3) Iron

4) Michael Moore

5) Colourblind

6) In my humble opinion

7) 12ft

8) South America

9) Amsterdam

10) Val Kilmer

11) Poland

12) Krypton

free trivia questions


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