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We write a brand new trivia pack every week for the USA bars, pubs and hosts.

If you are sick of spending hours trolling the internet for just $20 we have done it for you.

Check out a full pack here -

Below is a small taste test of what we do each and EVERY week.


1) The Eternal City is the nickname for which European capital city?

2) What is the name of the silk-like fabric or yarn manufactured from the hair of the Angora Goat?

3) Which city is further north: New York, London or Moscow?

4) Typically, a starfish has how many arms?

5) In which war did the Charge of the Light Brigade take place?

6) In character, Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith where collectively known as who?

7) Name the Chinese writer born 551 BCE, known for preaching high moral standards. (optional hint - fortune cookie)

8) In which 2 Japanese cities were atomic bombs devastatingly dropped during WWII?

9) Which ancient Greek is known as the ‘Father of Western Medicine’?

10) When sailing, what is the opposite of windward?

11) What singer/actress performed such classics as Wind Beneath My Wings and The Rose in her Vegas concert residency The Showgirl Must Go On?

12) What does the M in the equation E=mc2 represent?


1) Rome

2) Mohair

3) Moscow

4) Five

5) Crimean War

6) Charlie's Angels

7) Confucius

8) Hiroshima & Nagasaki

9) Hippocrates

10) Leeward

11) Bette Midler

12) Mass

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