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FREE TRIVIA QUESTIONS 17th February 2020

Every week we supply bars and pubs all over the USA with their weekly trivia packages. No-more do they spend their nights searching the internet for quiz questions. We do it for them.

Below is one round of our recent quiz for you to use.

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1) The Vatican City is the smallest independent nation in the world, what is the second smallest?

2) Where on the human body contains the thinnest skin?

3) Which region is the native habitat of polar bears?

4) What does the term 'brut' mean when referring to wine?

5) Who was assassinated at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee?

6) What medical disorder is described as a chronic condition characterised by excessive daytime sleepiness and uncontrollable bouts of sleep?

7) How many squares does a Rubik's cube have?

8) LASIK is the technical term for a surgery we commonly refer to as what?

9) In what game would you come across a character named Colonel Mustard?

10) What is the name of Dr. Emmett Brown's dog in the 'Back To The Future' movies?

11) Which Tom starred in "Magnum PI"?

12) What was the final score of the recent NFL Superbowl?


1) Monaco

2) Eye Lids

3) The Arctic

4) Dry (Very Dry)

5) ‎Martin Luther King Jr.

6) Narcolepsy

7) 54 (6 sides and 9 squares per side)

8) Laser eye surgery

9) Cluedo

10) Einstein

11) Tom Selleck

12) Kansas City - 31 | San Francisco - 20

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