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TRIVIA QUESTIONS - Quiz your knowledge 9th March 2020

Here is a sample of our weekly trivia packs we send to pubs and clubs all over the USA. To download a free sample pack please visit our homepage here -


1) What bodily fluid can also have the meaning of a bitter, angry or loathing


2) What surname is shared by a billionaire who made most of his fortune in

steel and the man who wrote 'How to win friends and influence people'?

(Bonus points if you know their first names)

3) Who provided the original voice for Buzz Lightyear?

4) What 1964 song by The Temptations gave its name to a 1991 movie starring

Anna Chlumsky, Macaulay Culkin, Dan Aykroyd?

5) On a standard dartboard, what is immediately to the right of the number


6) What large river in China is dammed by the Three Gorges Dam?

7) What color is the 3 ball in the game of pool?

8) On June 25, 1993, Kim Campbell became the first female prime minister of

which G8 country?

9) What is the capital of Hungary?

10) On a map, the horizontal lines are called what?

11) Whose ear did Mike Tyson bite during a 1997 rematch?

12) From what role is William Barr being pressured to resign from, after more

than 1,100 ex-employees of the Department of Justice signed a letter?


1) Bile

2) Carnegie (Dale & Andrew)

3) Tim Allen

4) My Girl

5) One

6) Yangtze River

7) Red

8) Canada

9) Budapest

10) Latitude

11) Evander Holyfield

12) Attorney General

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