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How to engage everyone with your Trivia Questions

Your Trivia Questions should be both Hard and Easy.

Your questions need to be spread out to appeal to a wide audience with a cross section of Sexes, Age’s hobbies and interest ranging in difficulty throughout.

By doing this it will keep your entire audience engaged and entertained the entire night and ensure no one is sitting there feeling useless and stupid! A great example of this is sporting rounds. NEVER have a full sporting round. While most of your room may be into their sports it is just as likely that an entire table of people have no idea about sport, they can’t stand it and have no interest. This is a sure fire way to not only loose those clients but knock them out of the running to win. If they feel they have no chance of winning then you have lost that table for the entire night and they will most likely never return. The same rings true with pop culture and history. The only exception to this rule can be geography about your own country.

You will also need to vary the difficulty level. By doing this you are engaging the super smart - letting them flex their brain muscles and also including the not so smart and average Joe’s who are there just to have a good time.

Trivia Heads Packages are designed perfectly for this.

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