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Seriously - Trivia should not be serious!

Tip number 1 for your Trivia Night!

I start with this one because it is the most obvious yet can be easily forgotten! There is nothing worse than attending a trivia night and seeing the patrons sitting around reading books in-between questions, drinking water and maybe snacking on a bowl of chips. (Yes this does happen)

The main intention of a Trivia Night is to entertain your guest, keep their minds occupied and keep them in your establishment for longer spending more moolah!

If your Trivia night is not engaging, motivating and fun you will attract the type of people who are the same. They are only there to flex their “big-fat brain muscles”. These people do not spend money! They will be the ones who know all the answers and are proud of it.

Stick to creating a fun night. Jokes, Games and Giveaways will help with this one and a well constructed trivia package provided by us!

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