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10 Trivia questions of the week.

Please see a teaser of our lastest trivia questions. We make over 50 of these every week along with trivia picture rounds, Music trivia rounds, true or false trivia and much more.

Trivia Questions

1) Who acquired the fiery alter ego Sasha Fierce? 2) In which US state would you find the counties of Mesa, El Paso & Jefferson county? 3) What coveted title did US bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman win for the eighth time in a row in 2005? 4) Which Norwegian painter, painted 'The Scream' which sold for $120 million in 2012? 5) In what year did we lose Paul Walker, Margaret Thatcher & Nelson Mandela? 6) In 2004, what was the name of the man Brittany Spears married for just 55 hours in Vegas? 7) Which barber resided on Fleet St? 8) What name is given to the diet that promotes you 'eat like a caveman' avoiding all processed foods? 9) In which city would you find the Wat Pho Reclining Buddha statue? (Hint - seen in the famous movie The Beach) 10) What is the 3-word slogan used by to promote Mars Bars? 11) The deadly Japanese delicacy Fugu is prepared from the flesh of which fish that is 200 times more poisonous than cyanide? 12) In what US state was the flash flood that tragically took nine lives last week?


1) Beyoncé 2) Colorado 3) Mr. Olympia 4) Edvard Munch 5) 2013 6) Jason Alexander

7) Sweeney Todd 8) The Paleo diet 9) Bangkok 10) Work. Rest. Play 11) Pufferfish or Blowfish 12) Arizona

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