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Sample Trivia Questions 7th August 2017


Please see below 10 trivia quiz questions that we send out to bars all over the USA. We love providing the best of the best each week and pride ourselves on great service.

Trivia Questions

1) Stephen Ray Vaughan was famous for playing what instrument? 2) Saint Basil's Cathedral is a world famous landmark in which country? 3) What is the name of the bar Peter and his mates frequent on Family Guy? 4) What kind of star is our sun? (red dwarf, yellow dwarf, white dwarf or red giant?) 5) Who is the current governor of California? 6) When you settle your differences with someone, what do you bury? 7) What number is represented in Roman Numerals as XXVIII? (read it out and ask them to write it down) 8) Lance Armstrong was stripped of how many Tour De France titles after he was caught doping? 9) A 'KTM RC 390' is a type of what? 10) Who sings 'Johnny B. Goode'? 11) Babylon is the most famous city from ancient Mesopotamia, its ruins lie in which modern-day country? 12) In what sport did Laird Hamilton make his name known?


1) Guitar 2) Russia 3) The Drunken Clam 4) Yellow Dwarf 5) Jerry Brown 6) The Hatchet

7) 28 8) 7 9) Motorbike 10) Chuck Berry 11) Iraq 12) Surfing

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