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Trivia Questions USA Teaser 18th September 2017

Please see below 10 trivia quiz questions that we send out to bars all over the USA. We love providing the best of the best each week and pride ourselves on great service.

Trivia Questions

1) What is the first given name of ‘Harry Potter’ author J.K. Rowling? 2) What liquid is known as Adam’s Ale? 3) What color flag is the signal of surrender? 4) In a story by Washington Irving, which fairy tale character slept for 20 years? 5) In jewelry, how many carats is pure gold? 6) Which tennis legend's autobiography is titled “You cannot be serious”? 7) How many toes does a pig have on each foot? 8) From which language do the tennis terms ‘love’ and ‘deuce’ originate? 9) Which group had a 1970's hit album titled 'Whole Lotta Rosie'? 10) Who is the voice of the mouse in the movie ‘Stuart Little’? 11) Which country has more volcanoes than any other? 12) Nancy Pelosi is a member of which political party?


1) Joanne 2) Water 3) White flag 4) Rip Van Winkle 5) 24 Carats 6) John McEnroe

7) Four toes 8) French 9) AC/DC 10) Michael J. Fox 11) Indonesia 12) Democratic Party

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