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Trivia Questions USA 6th November 2017

Every week we create and collate over 70 trivia questions for bars and clubs all over America. For only $19.95 per week you can get everything you need to run a kick ass trivia night in your venue.

Including, Trivia picture rounds, Music rounds, head and tails plue much much more.

Download a full FREE trivia package here -

Trivia Questions

1) In the song of the same name, what was the name of the dance Mickey Avalon asked you to 'Get your booty on the dance floor' to do? 2) By date of admission, in 1959 what became the 50th U.S state? 3) Which country do Americans travel to the most in the world? 4) Which country is Prague in? 5) Whats the point value of the bullseye outer on a dartboard? 6) Where would you find the Sea of Tranquility? 7) LCD Soundsystem, Billie Holiday, Billy Joel and U2 all have hit songs about which city? 8) Fe is the chemical symbol for what element? 9) While walking through the woods in 1941, George de Mestral was inspired by the burrs that clung to his pants to create what product? 10) Which was the first country to reach a population of one billion? 11) Pho is a popular noodle soup from what country? 12) What event did Shalane Flanagan famously win last week? (Hint - First women to win in 40 years)


1) Jane Fonda 2) Mexico 3) Alaska 4) Czech Republic 5) 25 6) The Moon

7) New York 8) Iron 9) Velcro 10) China 11) Vietnam 12) The New York marathon

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