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Quiz Questions USA teaser 13th November 2017

Every week we create and collate over 70 trivia questions for bars and clubs all over America. For only $19.95 per week you can get everything you need to run a kick ass trivia night in your venue.

Including, Trivia picture rounds, Music rounds, head and tails plue much much more.

Download a full FREE trivia package here -

Trivia Questions

1) Which two movies did Heath Ledger act in that had “Knight” in the title? 2) On what continent would you find the Kalahari Desert? 3) In 1975 an engineer created the first digital camera while working for what company? 4) In chemistry, what adjective, from the Greek word for “within” and “heat”, is applied to a process or reaction that absorbs heat from its surroundings? 5) How long does an Olympic Soccer game run for? 6) How long was the genie in the Disney film Aladdin in the bottle before being released? 7) Which American city's historical center is known as the loop? 8) What is Will Smith's first name? 9) Out of the 4 states that begin with “A” - Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, and Arkansas -which one has the highest population? 10) Which 2013 film, starring Tom Hanks in the title role, was inspired by the real-life hijacking of MV Maersk Alabama by Somali pirates in 2009? 11) The name of men’s fashion magazine GQ originated as an abbreviation of which two words? 12) For the fifth year in a row, who has topped the Forbes magazine list of the 13 highest-paid dead celebrities in 2017?


1) A Knight’s Tale & The Dark Knight 2) Africa 3) Kodak 4) Endothermic 5) 90 minutes 6) 10,000 years

7) Chicago 8) Willard (Willard Carroll Smith) 9) Arizona (6,931,071) 10) Captain Phillips 11) Gentlemen's Quarterly 12) Michael Jackson

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