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Pub Quiz Questions Teaser 11th December 2017

Sick of trolling the internet every week for your trivia questions? Every week we put together a trivia/quiz package that is played by 1000's of people all over the country. If only everything in life could be this easy.

Pub Quiz Questions

1) In which city would you find the palace complex, known as “The Forbidden City”, which served as the home of emperors for almost 500 years? 2) What is the name of the yet to be released movie, that is the sequel to Jurassic World? 3) What breed is the dog in the Jim Carrey movie 'The Mask'? 4) Which breed of dog is named after the German word for snout? 5) The White House is located in what zip code? 6) What group of natural pigments affects the color of the hair and skin? 7) 'Meditations' is a series of personal writings on Stoic philosophy by which Roman Emperor from 161 to 180 AD? 8) With regard to champagne, what four-letter word means very dry? 9) The "Remington 2" is what type of product? 10) What name was given to the political protest held by the Sons of Liberty in Boston, Massachusetts, on December 16, 1773? 11) Kiev is the capital of which large country in Eastern Europe? 12) The dollar sign appears above which number on a computer keyboard?


1) Beijing, China 2) Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 3) Jack Russell 4) Schnauzer 5) 20500 6) Melanin

7) Marcus Aurelius 8) Brut 9) Typewriter 10) The Boston Tea Party 11) Ukraine 12) 4

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