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Quiz Questions Teaser 17th December 2018

This weeks free trivia questions sample. Remember, we do 70 questions like this every week, including True or False Quiz, Picture Round Quiz, Jackpot trivia questions and much more.... Check out our full package sample here


1) Who was Road Runner's nemesis? 2) In which New York borough would you find JFK airport? 3) Who plays the role of Gordon Gekko in the Wall St movies? 4) Flutes are included in what section of an orchestra? 5) In regards to punctuation, what do the English call a period? 6) What satirical news show was hosted by American comedian Jon Stewart from 1999 - 2015? 7) What instrument is used to listen to a persons heart? 8) Which car company has a rampant lion as its logo? 9) At what degree of latitude does the equator circle the earth? 10) Which cosmetic company used the slogan “Because I'm worth it"? 11) In which city would you find the

? 12) On a standard keyboard, what is the topmost left letter?


1) Wile E Coyote 2) Queens 3) Michael Douglas 4) Woodwind 5) Full Stop 6) The Daily Show

7) Stethoscope 8) Peugeot 9) 0 degrees latitude 10) L'Oréal 11) Athens 12) Q

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