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10 Free Trivia Questions 24th December 2018

Our Most recent set of Questions played by 1000's of people across the USA. Our Quiz packs consist of over 70 questions like this every week. Stop trawling the internet every week for questions and save yourself loads of time. Download our free pack here -


1) Tim Cook is the CEO of which large American company? 2) Portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, what was the main characters name in the movie Kindergarten Cop? 3) What is the device that controls an aircraft by instruments called? 4) What American outlaw went by such names as Kid Antrim, Henry McCarty, and William Bonney? 5) What country do the Galapagos Islands belong to? 6) In bingo, what number can be referred to as 'snakes alive'? 7) In the 2003 remake of the movie "The Italian Job", the character played by which actor stole all the gold? 8) What is the official currency of Mexico? 9) Cilantro is known to many other English speaking countries by what name? 10) What is the capital of Austria? 11) What is the name of the prequel for the hit TV show Breaking Bad? 12) Who was the drummer Pamela Anderson married in 1995 after knowing him for only 96 hours?


1) Apple Inc 2) John Kimble 3) Autopilot 4) Billy the Kid 5) Equador 6) 55

7) Edward Norton 8) Peso (Mexican peso) 9) Coriander 10) Vienna 11) Better Call Saul 12) Tommy Lee

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