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10 Free Trivia Questions 10th December 2018

Hey fellow Quiz Head, See below 10 free quiz questions for you to use how you please. If you like them we make 50 more of these every week, You can download a sample package from our home page here to see what a full pack looks like


1) Which type of doctor specializes in the treatment of feet? 2) What is the largest city in China? 3) What is the base alcohol in the Tom Collins cocktail? 4) Sage Moonblood who died in 2012 was the eldest son of which Hollywood megastar? 5) Which character in "Friends" has an identical twin sister? 6) What can be a word for your face or a vessel you drink out of? 7) Which number is opposite the five on dice? 8) In what TV intro theme song would you hear the words 'Move it football head'? 9) Who starred as the lead role for the 2008 film "Seven Pounds"? 10) What term is given to a bottle of wine without a label? 11) By area, what is the second largest country in the world? 12) What is the name of Alaska's largest city that was rattled by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake on November, 30?


1) Podiatrist 2) Shanghai 3) Gin 4) Sylvester Stallone 5) Phoebe 6) Mug

7) Two 8) Hey, Arnold. 9) Will Smith 10) Clean Skin 11) Canada 12) Anchorage

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