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Quiz Questions Teaser 21st January 2019

Here is this weeks free sample of our recent quiz package. This is here to tease and entice you into our weekly quiz pack we make and send to venues across the country. I hope you enjoy them. Keep us in mind if you need more than this as we do over 70 questions per week plus picture rounds, music round and much more.


1) What is the name of Nemo’s dad in the movie, “Finding Nemo”? 2) In terms of population, which is the second largest city in Spain? 3) On a keyboard, which number shares the key with the “&” symbol? 4) In which country is it illegal to chew gum? 5) Better Together, Upside down & Banana Pancakes are all songs by which artist? 6) Who did US Marine Lee Harvey Oswald assassinate? 7) The singer Seal was married to who between 2005 & 2014? (optional hint - Heidi) 8) Which ancient city was the Trojan Horse used to enter and win the Trojan war? 9) Complete the 2006 movie title, "X-Men: The Last ________what"? 10) In astrology, the three fire signs are Leo, Aries, and which other? 11) What was given on the eleventh day of Christmas in the song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas”? 12) What is the first name of the billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos soon-to-be ex-wife?


1) Marlin 2) Barcelona 3) 7 4) Singapore 5) Jack Johnson 6) John F. Kennedy

7) Heidi Klum 8) Troy 9) Stand 10) Sagittarius 11) Eleven Pipers Piping 12) Mackenzie

trivia questions for trivia night

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