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Weekly Trivia Questions 4th February 2019

Below is a small sample of our weekly quiz questions. We make loads of trivia questions every week and love supplying them to bars all over the USA.


1) What is the largest muscle in the human body? 2) What is Canada’s national animal? 3) What is the name of the character played by John Goodman in the comedy TV series Rosanne? 4) What is the religion of Tiger Woods? 5) What country does Judo originally come from? 6) What is the modern Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland? 7) In what country would you find the ancient city of Timbuktu? 8) In which state is the geographic center of the contiguous United States? 9) Who is the longest-serving president in American history? 10) How many years did he hold office? 11) “Ti” represents what on the periodic table? 12) Kylie Jenner gave birth recently to a baby boy or girl?


1) Madagascar 2) Horseracing (Name of the horse) 3) Michael Richards 4) George R. R. Martin 5) Star 6) Guatemala

7) Lead 8) N (Nassau, Nairobi, Naypyidaw) 9) Al Gore 10) Six 11) Spain 12) Mahatma Gandhi

trivia questions for trivia night

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