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Bar Trivia Sample 11th February 2019

Here is a quick sample of our weekly quiz we send to bars all over the USA.

Check out a full sample package via our home page here -


1) What is the six-pointed Jewish and Israeli symbol called? 2) What is the largest HOT dessert in the world? 3) What three colors are on the Romanian Flag? 4) How many points is a brown ball worth in a game of snooker? 5) What’s the first and last name of the tv character that says “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!” 6) What type of animal is Pocahontas’ side-kick Meeko? 7) What name is given to the clock that represents the likelihood of a man-made global catastrophe? 8) What is the science of growing plants in liquid rather than soil called? 9) What geographic feature runs 810 miles, north from Salton Sea to Daly City south of San Francisco? 10) What continent does couscous originate from? 11) Donald Trump has two daughters, what are their first names? 12) What name was given to the mannequin driving the Tesla Roadster through space after recently being launched on the Falcon Heavy rocket?


1) The Star of David 2) The Sahara Desert 3) Blue, yellow and red 4) 4 points 5) Jan Brady 6) Raccoon

7) Doomsday Clock 8) Hydroponics 9) San Andreas Fault 10) Africa (Northern Africa - Egypt) 11) Ivanka and Tiffany 12) Starman

trivia questions for trivia night

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