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Trivia Questions 25th February 2019

Here is a free sample of our weekly trivia package.

Make sure you download a full trivia package here from our home page to get a better idea of what we do.... basically, we make trivia questions packages so you don't have to.


1) The elephant has evolved from which ancient creature? 2) What is 0 degrees Fahrenheit closest to in Centigrade? (round number) 3) What is the name of Al Gores 2006 documentary that sparked a global movement against the climate crisis? 4) What is the capital of Russia? 5) Which item of women's clothing can also mean storing? 6) Name the band and song from these opening lyrics "I've paid my dues, Time after time, I've done my sentence, But committed no crime"? 7) The 'Maid of Orleans' is the nickname of which medieval French heroine? 8) What does the D stand for in Washington DC? 9) Which American actress was the Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin married to in 2003? 10) Which of the thirteen original states of the USA is recognized as the first state? 11) Silver that contains 7.5 percent copper is called what? 12) Who took home best actor at this Oscars for his portrayal of rock god Freddie Mercury in "Bohemian Rhapsody."


1) Mammoth 2) -18 degrees ( -17.78°C) 3) An Inconvenient Truth 4) Moscow 5) Stocking 6) Queen - We Are The Champions

7) Joan of Arc 8) District (District of Columbia) 9) Gwyneth Paltrow 10) Delaware 11) Sterling silver 12) Rami Malek

trivia questions for trivia night

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