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Weekly Trivia Questions 19th April 2019

Here is a quick free sample of some of our weekly trivia questions. Hope you enjoy them. To download a full pack for free please visit our home page here. -


1) What are two opposites that rhyme with black and white? 2) "The best a man can get" was the marketing slogan for which company? 3) The bottom row on a keyboard starts with Z and X..... What 4 letters, in the correct order, follow them? (One point each) 4) What does the G stand for in GPS? 5) What famous scientist was born in Ulm, Germany in 1879? 6) In Tennis, what 4 championships are considered "The Majors"? (one point each) 7) Where was Ned Kelly's last stand? 8) What is the highest score possible to achieve with a single dart? 9) What animal is the logo of the website TripAdvisor? 10) In which country does the liqueur Sambuca originate? 11) "You know it's kind of hard, Just to get along today, Our subject isn't cool, But he fakes it anyway " Are the opening lyrics to which song by who? 12) What state has proposed a bill that would ban residents from using food stamps to purchase junk food, including energy drinks and candy?


1) Slack & Tight 2) Gillette 3) C,V,B,N 4) Global 5) Albert Einstien 6) Wimbledon / Australian Open / US Open / French Open

7) Glenrowan 8) Sixty 9) Owl 10) Italy 11) The Offspring - Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) 12) Texas

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