Trivia Questions

Here is a free snippet of our weekly trivia questions we send to bars and clubs all over the USA. To download a free full free sample pack please visit our home page here -


1) In the fashion world, what do the letters FCUK stand for? 2) What is Africa's highest mountain? 3) What is the study of the universe called? 4) Which queen of England ruled from 1837 to 1901? 5) A synagogue is a place of worship for which religion? 6) What other spirit is mixed with coffee liqueur to make a black Russian cocktail? 7) What is the meat of deer called? 8) What 1996 film cast included Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage and Ed Harris? 9) Where on a whale would you find its 'flukes'? 10) What type of animal has the breeds, “Shire”, “Falabella”, “Fjord” and “Mustang”? 11) What is the capital city of Poland? 12) Quicksilver is another name for what element?