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General Knowledge Quiz Questions 20th May 2019

Here is a sample of our weekly trivia packs we send to pubs and clubs all over the USA. To download a free sample pack please visit our homepage here -

Trivia Questions

1) The film capital Bollywood is in which Indian city? (optional multiple choice - New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore or Mumbai?)

2)Who was the first person to discover gravity?

3)What word describes someone who has an obsession with the idea of having a serious but undiagnosed medical condition?

4)Which country is known for the meal 'Moussaka'?

5)In which two cities is Charles Dickens' 'A Tale of Two Cities' set? (one point each)

6)What is the name of the 4 boys teacher in the animated series South Park?

7)Who was shot by John Wilkes Booth?

8) A Cavapoo is a cross between which two dog breeds?

9)What letter is located between letters G and J on a standard keyboard?

10) A number that is greater than 1 and is not a prime number is known as what type of number?

11)Who took "Bye Bye Bye" towards the top of the charts in 2000?

12)Who stars as The Joker in the recently released film byWarner Bros. Pictures simply called Joker?


1) Mumbai 2) Sir Isaac Newton 3) Hypochondriac 4) Greece 5) London and Paris 6) Mr Garrison 7) Abraham Lincoln 8) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & Poodle 9) H 10) A composite number 11) NSYNC 12) Joaquin Phoenix

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