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12 Free Quiz Trivia Questions! 17th June 2019

1) What was the worlds first antibiotic? (optional hint - discovered by Alexander Fleming)

2) A doctor who specializes in the study of the urinary tract and male reproductive system is known as a what?

3) Which element used in atom bombs has the symbol Pu?

4) What country is known as the 'Land Of The Rising Sun'?

5) Which word could be part of a fruit or part of a nuclear reactor?

6) Which three countries border Norway? (one point each)

7) What quantity is represented by the symbol that appears to be a figure 8 lying on its side?

8) In which year did the USA declare war on Japan?

9) Katy Perry's 2010 hit song "California Gurls" featured which famous rapper?

10) What is the first and last name of John Travolta's character in Grease?

11) Being totally devoid of any tact is likened to 'being like a bull inside where'?

12) What is the full name of the Swedish teenager famously shaming the world's elders for failing to act on climate change?

1)Penicillin 2)Urologist 3)Plutonium 4)Japan 5)Core 6)Sweden,Finland&Russia 7) Infinity 8) 1941 9) Snoop Dogg 10) Danny Zuko 11) China Shop 12) Greta Thunberg

free trivia questions and answers

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