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Quiz Questions Teaser 24th July 2019

1)Which is the only internal bodily organ able to regenerate itself?

2)Which is the youngest of the four Kardashian siblings?

3)What is the first name of the founder that would automatically be assigned as the first "friend" of new Myspace users upon the creation of their profiles? (bonus point if you know his last name)

4)What word represents the letter 'J' in the phonetic alphabet?

5)What chemical element has the atomic number two?

6)What political system is all property owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs?

7)In astronomy, what term taken from a children story refers to the habitable zone around a star?

8) Which member of The Beatles sang the hit song "With A Little Help From My Friends"?

9)Who is Paul David Hewson better known as? (optional hint -With orWithout You)

10) The mythological sphinx has the head of a human and the body of what animal?

11)What kind of cool star will our Sun become in approximately 5 billion years?

12)Which three states share a border with Michigan? (one point each)

1) Liver 2) Rob Kardashian 3) Tom (Anderson) 4) Juliett 5) Helium 6) Communism

7) The Goldilocks zone 8) Ringo Starr 9) Bono 10) lion 11) Red Giant 12) Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin

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