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12 FREE Quiz Questions! 1st July 2019

1) Which word starting with F means a 'narrow trench' and also a 'wrinkle on one's face'?

2) Which instrument measures a plane's height above sea level?

3) Which singer had a 2008 hit with "So What"?

4) The "Sacred Order of the Stonecutters" was a fictional club in which TV show?

5) Which is the third most populous continent on earth?

6) By area, which is the third largest of the world's seven continents?

7) In which movie does Keanu Reeves play a character that travels through time in a telephone booth?

8) How many time zones does the state of Florida span?

9) English archaeologist Hiram Bingham discovered and wrote about what South American tourist attraction in 1911? (optional hint - In Peru)

10) In what 1984 movie did we hear the famous line - 'wax on, wax off''?

11) What is the capital of North Korea?

12) Glen Frey and Don Henley were members of which band?

1) Furrow 2) An altimeter 3) Pink 4) The Simpsons 5) Europe 6) North America

7) Ted 8) Two 9) Machu Picchu 10) The Karate Kid 11) Pyongyang 12) The Eagles

free trivia questions and answers

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