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General Knowledge Quiz 15th July 2019

1) Who is known as BoJo? (optional hint - Newly appointed political leader)

2) Contrary to popular belief, what rodents native to the Arctic regions do not commit mass suicide by running off cliffs?

3) 73% of the Sun's mass is composed of what element?

4) What is Mr T.'s trademark phrase?

5) In Australia and New Zealand, what Kellogg's breakfast cereal is known as "Rice Bubbles'?

6) Running from 2007 to 2014, what reality television series featured celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay attempting to turn around failing restaurants?

7) What pigment in plants helps absorb light during the process known as photosynthesis?

8) What 2003 Billy Bob Thornton film was given the title Santa is a Pervert for its release in the Czech Republic?

9) Hepatitis is the term for inflammation of which body part

10) Which member of the Beatles appeared on the cover of the inaugural issue of Rolling Stone magazine?

11) The Olympus Mons, the largest known volcano in our solar system, is on which planet?

12) Starring Ryan Gosling, what is the name of the 2018 movie about Neil Armstrong?

1)BorisJohnson 2)Lemmings 3)Hydrogen 4)Ipitythefool 5)RiceKrispies 6)Ramsay'sKitchenNightmares 7) Chlorophyll 8) Bad Santa 9) Liver 10) John Lennon 11) Mars 12) First Man

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