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Quiz Questions Teaser 5th August 2019

1)In which film featuring the late Patrick Swayze, did he ascend to heaven at the finish?

2)What commonly used French term translates in English to 'already seen.'? (Optional hint - also the name of a Denzel movie)

3)Which name could be associated with 'Crockett' or 'Jones's locker'?

4)Which stone is associated with a fictional city in "TheWizard Of Oz"?

5) To which religion is the Holy Grail sacred?

6) The continent of Asia has three countries that start with the letter P, one of them is Palestine, what are the other two? (one point each)

7) Lake Mead is a man-made lake that lies on which River? (optional hint - located about 24 miles from the Las Vegas Strip)

8)Which celebrity is the partner of Good Charlotte musician Joel Madden and mother of his child?

9) Aside from Africa, on which other continent can you find hyenas outside of a zoo?

10)When standing in sunlight, what vitamin does your body synthesize?

11)Which craft landed on the moon in July 1969?

12)Which planet has become our solar systems 'true moon king' as scientists recently counted 82 orbiting the planet?

1) Ghost 2) Deja Vu 3) Davy 4) Emerald (Emerald City) 5) Christianity 6) Pakistan | Philippines

7) The Colorado River 8) Nicole Richie 9) Asia 10) Vitamin D 11) Apollo 11 12) Saturn

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