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Quiz Questions 12/08/2019

1) What is the name of the series of books that the TV show Game of Thrones is based on?

2) After hydrogen and helium what is the third most abundant chemical element in the universe? (optional multiple choice - Carbon dioxide, Oxygen, Neon or Nitrogen)

3) What car manufacture make the midsize SUV named Telluride?

4) Which band claims to have 'moves like Jagger'?

5) Frangelico liqueur gets its flavor from what nut?

6) US President Clinton was impeached in which year?

7) What would a doctor use to look into your ear?

8) The subject of a 1964 and a 2018 Disney movie, which character created by P.L.Travers lived at 17 Cherry Tree Lane?

9) As the definition of 'planet' has now been changed, how many planets are there in the solar system?

10) In the title and the lyrics of the 1977 song by George Thorogood, what other drink does he order along with, one bourbon and one scotch?

11) The Iguacu Falls are on the border of which countries?

12) A common causes of vision loss among the elderly, what is the more common name for the condition also known as "lens opacity"? (optional multiple choice - macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract or diabetic retinopathy)

1) A Song of Ice and Fire 2) Oxygen 3) Kia 4) Maroon 5 5) Hazelnut 6) 1998

7) An otoscope or auriscope 8) Mary Poppins 9) Eight planets 10) One Beer 11) Argentina and Brazil 12) Cataract

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