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12 Free Quiz Questions 21st October 2019

1)What type of pizza does Kevin order in the movie 'Home Alone'? (bonus point if you know the name of the local pizzeria he orders from)

2)What is the largest artery in the human body?

3) Divide (÷)is the third studio album by which English singer-songwriter? (optional hint - features the songs "Castle on the Hill" and "Shape of You")

4) Apart from Tongan, what is the official language of Tonga?

5)What is the highest hand in a game of poker? (bonus point if you know the second highest)

6) Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton drives for which team/car brand?

7)What is the first and last name of the actress who played the lead role in the TV show The Nanny?

8) The March of Dimes was originally founded to help find a vaccine for what?

9)In which sport was American Ivan Lendl a champion?

10)In 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' song, how many ladies are dancing?

11)In bingo, the number 88 is referred to by what phrase?

12)In what TV show would you find the 'newspaper' the Daily Slate?

1) Cheese Pizza (Little Nero's) 2) Aorta 3) Ed Sheeran 4) English 5) Royal Flush (straight flush) 6) Mercedes (Mercedes AMG Petronas) 7) Fran Drescher 8) Polio 9) Tennis 10) 9 Ladies Dancing 11) Two fat ladies 12) The Flintstones

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