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General Knowledge Quiz Round 25th November 2019

1) Stephen Gilchrist Glover, a star on the TV series "Jackass" is better known by which nickname?

2) Which word describes animals that have a backbone?

3) In what country was the empire ruled by Akbar the Great?

4) In children's TV, what is the name of Peppa Pig's younger brother?

5) How many legs does the housefly have?

6) Which of the following items can store more data - CD, DVD, Floppy Disc or 1Gb USB stick?

7) In the body, which small dead-end tube serves no useful function whatsoever?

8) George Clooney played Danny Ocean in the recent trilogy of movies Oceans 11, 12 and 13. But who played Danny Ocean in the 1960 version?

9) Which body of water connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea?

10) The US military prison Guantanamo Bay is located in which country?

11) Elton John scored a No.1 hit with "Don’t go Breaking my Heart" in 1976. It was a duet with which female singer?

12) What nationality was the first woman in Space?

1) Steve-O 2) Vertebrates 3) India 4) George 5) 6 legs 6) DVD (4.7 GB single-sided disc)

7) Appendix 8) Frank Sinatra 9) Strait of Gibraltar 10) Cuba 11) Kiki Dee 12) Russian | Soviet

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