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12 FREE QUIZ QUESTIONS! 6th January 2020

1) Which mythical figure did Brad Pitt play in "Troy"?

2) Who was the mythical Greek King with the power to turn everything he touched to Gold?

3) Who is best known as the founder, president, and CEO of FUBU?

4) Which word can go before season or after play?

5) Which British band had a worldwide hit with "Yellow"?

6) Which country is an anagram of 'RED NAIL'? 7) What's the currency in Russia?

8) What color is the Star of David on the Israeli flag?

9) Daniel Patrick Quinn is the current head coach of which NFL team?

10) Who painted The Mona Lisa?

11) Who was the host of this years Golden Globe Awards?

12) Actress Margot Robbie grew up in which country?

1)Achilles 2)Midas 3)DaymondJohn 4)Off 5)Coldplay 6)Ireland 7) Russian ruble 8) Blue 9) Atlanta Falcons 10) Leonardo da Vinci 11) Ricky Gervais 12) Australia

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