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12 General Knowledge Quiz Questions! 13th January 2020

1) If you were to bake a combination of whipped egg whites and caster sugar, what do you have?

2)Which word describes the process of change from caterpillar to butterfly?

3)In what letter group of vitamins would thiamine be included?

4)In which fictional street does the action in "Desperate Housewives" take place?

5)In which tiny town did Superman live as a young boy?

6)Which word can be a Ford car or a Spanish gala?

7)What was the name of the heir to the Austrian throne whose assassination sparkedWorldWar 1?

8)What are the first names of the famous four members of ABBA? (one-point each)

9)What is the name of the soft tissue of a bone?

10)Which part of your head is also a place of worship?

11)What is the largest island in the contiguous US states?

12)Who is currently listed as the third richest person in the world?

1) Meringue 2) Metamorphosis 3) B vitamins 4) Wisteria Lane or Colonial Street 5) Smallville, Kansas 6) Fiesta 7) Franz Ferdinand 8) Agnetha, Björn, Benny, & Anni-Frid 9) Marrow 10) Temple 11) Long Island 12) Warren Buffet

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