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12 Free Trivia Questions! 16th March 2020

Here is a sample of our weekly trivia packs we send to pubs and clubs all over the USA. To download a free sample pack please visit our homepage here -


1) Christopher Moltisanti is a character in which popular TV series?

2) Who played James Bond in the 2002 movie "Die Another Day"?

3) Which word can mean to 'end a life' or 'carry out the terms of a will'?

4) The invasion of which country led to the outbreak of World War II? (Optional

multiple choice - Austria, France, Poland or the UK?)

5) If a doctor speaks about your 'phalanges" to what are they referring?

6) In what country did the dessert 'tiramisu' originate?

7) What does the UHT of UHT milk stand for?

8) Abolitionism, or the abolitionist movement, was the movement to stop what?

9) Which pop singer collaborated with Queen on their 1981 song ‘Under


10) Which word can be an electric charge or mean up-to-date?

11) What nationality is the chef in "The Muppet Show"?

12) The Earth's ozone layer absorbs what type of radiation from the Sun?


1) The Sopranos

2) Pierce Brosnan

3) Execute

4) Poland

5) Fingers or Toes

6) Italy

7) Ultra High-Temperature

8) Slavery

9) David Bowie

10) Current

11) Swedish

12) Ultraviolet radiation

free trivia questions

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