First, ask the Audience to stand.

You then read the questions one by one and ask them to pick Heads (True) or Tails (False) by placing their hands on their head or their bum.

The last one standing wins the round and whatever prize you decide to give out.

(Remember to keep the prize simple, this round is just for a bit of fun and to keep people entertained.)


1) Abyssinia was the former name of Ethiopia.


2) When properly taken care of, some macaw species, can to live for more than 80 years.


3) Disney Land has a 30-foot-high bronze statue of Daffy Duck.

(False, Daffy Duck is owned by Warner Brothers)

4) The country of Uganda does not have a single elevator.


5) Whoopi Goldberg was the first solo female host of the Academy Awards.


6) Elmo is the only fiction character to have been knighted.

(False, he has not been knighted)

7) The large U.S based pharmacy CVS stood for Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry as they originally started as an ice cream store.

(False, stands for Consumer Value Stores. Never was an ice cream shop)

8) Food company Nestle was founded in Denver, USA to feed WWI soldiers.

(False, was founded in Switzerland)

9) Tomatoes originated from South America.


10) Woodpeckers can peck up to 20 times per second.


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