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Trivia Question & Answer 6th April 2020

Here is a sample of our weekly trivia packs we send to pubs and clubs all over the USA. To download a free sample pack please visit our homepage here -


1) In the Simpsons, what brand of Japanese dishwashing detergent has a mascot who bears a strong resemblance to Homer?

2) The bands 3 Doors Down', ‘’The Flaming Lips', ‘The Kinks' & ‘’R.E.M.' have all sung songs about which fictional hero?

3) In what small fictional town of Alabama did Forrest Gump live?

4) How many pairs of chromosomes does a person normally have?

5) Who played the role of Zion operative, Morpheus is The Matrix franchise?

6) On what continent is the most southernmost point of land outside of Antarctica? (Bonus point if you know which country is closest to Antarctica)

7) Can you name the 2 celebrity women who have married actor Ashton Kutcher? (One point each)

8) What country is an anagram of the word INLACED?

9) In which Disney film are the characters of Jane and Michael Banks?

10) 3 Pointer. The study of animals is called Zoology. What is the study of the following subjects? 1. Study of Rocks, 2. Study of Weather 3. Study of Star Signs

11) What are the 3 colors on the flag of Belgium?

12) Which businessman has pledged $US10 billion of his own money to fund scientists & activists to help counter the effects of climate change?


1) Mr. Sparkle

2) Superman

3) Greenbow

4) 23 pairs

5) Laurence Fishburne

6) South America (Chile)

7) Mila Kunis (2015), Demi Moore (2005–2013)

8) Iceland

9) Mary Poppins

10) 1. Geology 2. Meteorology 3. Astrology

11) Red, black and yellow

12) Jeff Bezos

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