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Weekly Pub Trivia Questions 16th November 2020

Supplying bars, pubs and hots weekly trivia questions all over the USA.


1) Name the disorder associated with episodes of mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs?

2) What Olympic sport with you associate Nadia Comăneci with?

3) What sense would you NOT have if you were anosmic?

4) What Jewish word is used to describe food that is religiously fit to eat?

5) In the UK, what are the names of the two houses that make up the British parliament?

6) What is the only nation that borders both Uruguay and Venezuela?

7) Statin drugs are generally prescribed to lower what?

8) What is the only country whose name begins with the letter "O"?

9) What is the world's smallest ocean?

10) Since 2011, what American Idol runner-up has attempted to fill Freddie

Mercury's shoes as the front man for Queen?

11) Roald Amundsen the leader of the first expedition to reach the South Pole, was which nationality?

12) If you were infected with the variola virus, what disease did you have?


1) Bipolar

2) Gymnastics

3) Smell

4) Kosher or Kashrut

5) House of Lords, House of Commons

6) Brazil

7) Cholesterol

8) Oman

9) Arctic Ocean

10) Adam Lambert

11) Norwegian

12) Smallpox

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